This Week's Review - Kristin Cashore - Bitterblue
The novel, which has an announced first printing of 200,000 copies and clocks in at a hefty 576 pages, picks up eight years after Graceling,with Bitterblue now 18 and the reigning queen of Monsea. 

Cashore says the story constitutes more of a companion than a strict sequel. Graceling fans, however, will likely be thrilled to learn that the heroine of that book – the different-colored-eyed Katsa – returns in Bitterblue, as does her lover...More

Kids Zone - First Day At A New School
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Martina Gil / Managing Editor
Joe Stewart /  Director of Communications

Parents Place - TV & Toddlers
What just are the effects of TV on infants and toddlers? Studies over the years indicate there is very little effect on what toddlers view on the ..More
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1. Take a little while to look around the school before the first day if you can. Make sure that you know your way to all of your classes. Make sure that you know your locker combination. This way you will be less stressed when you get to school the first day...More
Herb Diggens
James Allen
These two finally decided to end the bitter rivalry and settle their differences at our "Round Table. The topic  More

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Lucy's Crazy New Life - Her Diary Unraveled

JW Davis /  Junior Editor/ Book Reviews
Dee Hislop / Staff Writer / Book Reviews
John's education began at Henry Ford Community College where he was a journalist for the acedemic newspaper. Later in his career he became the editor of an internet Music Magazine...More
Former freelance Illustrator and graphics designer, joe now works full time as a web designer for clients worldwide. His extensive background incudes: Senior Graphic Designer with First  ...More
Martyna graduated with degree in Business and Administration majoring in Marketing. She is a full time Communications Coordinator putting her creative skills into use while designing company’s publications...More
Early Childhood Montessori Teacher & a doting Nana, Daneta has been invoved in educating all her life. She graduated with an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education & became a Certified Early Childhood Montessori Teacher...More
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Past Reviews - Dr. Suess - The Bipolo Seed

I wish,’ yelled the duck, and he started to scream,/ ‘For eight thousand buckets of purple ice cream!/ A trunk full of toothpaste! A big kitchen sink!/ And...More
Fruity Stuff
By: Captain Blackberry
Listen to the Captain!
Voice courtesy of Bob Enander

Animal News
Kitty Jokes

Q: Why do cats make terrible story tellers?
A: They only have one tail.

Q: How do you know that cats are sensitive creatures?
A: They never cry over spilt milk.

Q: What do you call a cat wearing shoes?
A: Puss in boots.

Q: How do you spell mousetrap in just three letters?
A: C-A-T

Q: What do you get if cross a cat with a canary?
A: Shredded tweet

By:Frances the Cat
More on the Nook - The Monster &...
Garvin Gobble and Marvin Whiskers are the best of friends; they share the basement of a tiny house...   
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Round Table Debate
Cooking Up 
By: Crazy Cresnshaw 
Shaping Up
By: Mr. Shapey

The Captains 
Pie Poem

Some pies taste sweet  
Some taste tart
Some you cut 
Some fall apart

Some are salty 
Some are sour
Some have the taste of 
real pucker power

One thing for sure 
I hope you will concur
From the first bite, you will 
agree I am right

That fruit, no doubt is 
the best part

Educators Circle - The Influential Teacher at home
A parent is a child's first-and most influential-teacher.As your child's first and most influential teacher (parents), you have taught your 3-5 year old a lot about reading and writing all ready. However, by providing additional opportunities each day for your child to practice emerging skills... More 
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9/31/11 Today, I thought...
9/31/11 Why does it...
9/28/10 My fantasy has...
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Dear Diary,

My name is Lucy. I’m 13 and my whole life turned upside down in a blink of an eye.
I was having the best summer of my life! I spent two months travelling across Europe with my grandparents and cousin Nancy. We visited all the best tourist spots there are. Nancy and I, we’ve always been close, but this trip bonded us like sisters. We became the bestest friends ever! Since we are the same age, we decided we wanted our parents to put us in the same school, and since Westhill... More
James McDonnell /  Chief Editor / Sales
 James Allen McDonnell from Sarasota, FL,  graduated with an Associates of Arts Degree from WCCCD, majoring in English and Literature. He’s currently enrolled at SCTI as a continuation of creative writing...More
Suzanne Davidovac / Senior Staff Writer
Suzanne  graduated with Bachelors Degree of Science from Stanford and also holds a Master's Art of Teaching from NLU. Her inspiration is to put family first and committing to giving herself back to the community...More