Kids Zone - Tips On The First Day At A New School
So...Give them to me allready!
1. Take a little while to look around the school before the first day if you can. Make sure that you know your way to all of your classes. Make sure that you know your locker combination. This way you will be less stressed when you get to school the first day.

2. Eat a good breakfast, so you'll have energy to face the day.

3. Get cleaned up and dressed nicely (but not overdressed). You want to feel as confident as possible when you walk through the school doors.

4.  Walk in to your classroom with confidence. Hold your head up and smile. Others just might smile back.

5. Talk to many people as you can. Ask for help finding classes (even if you know where they are), or just introduce yourself around.

6. Try not to be shy, no matter how hard it. If you ahve a question; ask it. You're not the first person to go to a new school.

7. If you ride a bus try to make new friends on the bus too.

8. Remember... It will become easier on the second day

9. Remember... It will become even easier on the third day

10. By the fourth day, you will be settled in your new school and probably have allready made friends by now. Don't worry, it might take longer but rest assured, you're close to relaxing.

Good luck on your first day, Darcy!

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