First off, we here at the purplenook take no credit for the information provided. Furthermore, we are in no position to be the spokesman on what or how to package up the perfect story. There is really no definitive answer...We as fellow writers feel compelled to share the information we found with you, our fellow brethren.

How Long Should A Story Be?

Below, I will list information regarding the category, genre along with word counts that typically are accepted.

Again, let me add, there really is no answer.My advice is, you spend as long as it takes to tell your your story. However, there are certain word lengths that editors prefer to see when submitting work.

The Purple Nook's Writer's Handbook 
The Approximate guideline on word counts and definition:

Concept Book (Ages 3-6)
Word Count 250-500 

They are most common format for toddlers and younger. They explore a concept rather than tell a story; in a way, they are nonfiction for the very young. . Concept books are often but not always illustrator-created because text is minimal.

Easy Reader  (Ages 3-7)
Word Count 500-1,000

These books focus mainly on vocabulary and sentence structuring.

(The Early Reader) Typically 15 to 30 pages
(The Early chapter book) Typically 48 to 64 pages

Picture Book  (Ages 4-8)
Word Count 750-2,000

The stories in Picture books are carried at least as much by the pictures as by the words. You couldn't follow the story without the pictures, and you generally find illustrations on every page. 

Most picture books may have only a few hundred words and be intended for preschoolers yet may run considerably longer, up to and beyond 2,000 words.

Middle Grade Novelette (Ages 8-12)
Word Count 7,500-20,000 

Often found in magazines, they can easily be adapted into a series of novels. Just think of them as a mini-series of a full fledged novel.

Middle Grade Novel (Ages 8-12)
Word Count 20,000-40,000

For the audience doesn't always have the time or patience to sit through a 80,000 word novel, these novels are marketed towards grade levels 4-.7

(YA) Young Adult Novel (Ages 10+)
Word Count 50,000-75,000

For an audience who loves a more thorough read, the young adult novel captures a more in depth and more elaborated story. These novels are marketed towards grade levels 8-12.

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